Top 7 reasons for a UK autumn holiday

The UK in autumn is magical. Summer and winter can see varied and unpredictable weather but in autumn, it’s time for an adventure. The splendour of the woodlands, the calm of the best tourist spots and the fun of the festivals are waiting to be discovered.

So why embark on a UK autumn holiday adventure? If you’re looking to spend quality time with your loved ones while the autumn leaves fall, here are a few reasons to choose the UK for an autumn holiday:

Why embark on a UK autumn holiday adventure?

Autumn splendour

The end of summer sparks a shift in nature’s colour palette. Vivid reds, vibrant oranges and warm amber hues light up the UK’s forests and woodlands in autumn. To complement the natural landscapes, the golden light of stunning sunrises and sunsets sticks around much longer in autumn. In between downpours, a UK autumn holiday is a great time to explore the countryside and take in the best spots when they’re full of colour. Around Donnington Grove, Highclere Castle (also known as Downton Abbey), Windsor Castle and Basildon Park are all amazing autumn holiday visits.


Wonderful wildlife

Get your binoculars ready - it’s not just the flora that changes at this time of year, it’s the fauna too. House Martins, swallows and the like will be heading off for warmer climates while other migrant birds will join us for milder winter temperatures. Animal lovers on a UK autumn holiday might find rutting stags, starling murmurations and squirrels prepping their winter stash. Around Donnington Grove, look out for otters, muntjac deer and the impressive red kite.


Cosy evenings

After a day out in the wind and weather, there’s nothing cosier than sitting next to flickering orange flames with a hot drink and a good book. If you don’t have an open fire to hand, head out to the nearest pub for a quintessentially British experience. A hearty meal and a pint of ale around a warm fire create an ambience like no other. And talking of food, the autumn harvest brings delicious seasonal flavours to enjoy in Beau’s Restaurant at Donnington Grove.


Quieter beauty spots

The weather may not be as hot but the best spots are a lot less busy. The end of the school holidays signals a quieter time for many UK holiday destinations. Exploring woodland walks and picturesque villages becomes much quieter and there are parking places aplenty. Close to Donnington Grove, there’s a more tranquil feel to some of our favourite places such as Downton Abbey (Highclere Castle), Newbury town and Donnington Castle.


Walking wonderland

Avoid the heat of summer and the frosts of winter for a truly scenic wander through bright autumnal colours. There’s no better time for a hike, autumn is the moment to get out into the fresh, crisp air and take in the amazing natural landscapes. Around Donnington Grove, you’ll find everything from family-friendly parks to rural hills to discover and explore.


Traditional events

No UK autumn holiday is complete without a unique British celebration or two. While Halloween today follows more in the American tradition of pumpkins and trick-or-treat, children’s games and vegetable carving have long been part of UK celebrations. On 5th November, Bonfire Night is celebrated with impressive fireworks displays and seasonal sweets around a huge bonfire. Also known as Guy Fawkes night, the festival is based around a failed ‘gunpowder plot’ to blow up parliament in the 17th Century - truly a unique British event.

Head out of the cities and you’ll find a variety of towns and villages celebrating the Harvest Festival. A time to give thanks for a good harvest. Different regions of the UK will have local variations of the event but it usually involves giant vegetable competitions, traditional crafts and a bevy of seasonal food.  


Seasonal food

Talking of food, autumn is when a whole raft of new flavours enter the pub grub and fine dining scene. Squash, parsnip, sweet chestnuts, apples and plums are all given their time in the sun. Take a clean bag on your countryside walks and you’ll be harvesting wild blackberries and elderberries in no time. And it's not just the food, you’ll also be surprised by the range and variety of local apple juices through to hard ciders.


Cosy up at the Donnington Grove for a UK autumn holiday

A UK autumn holiday isn’t complete without a warm and comfortable place to lay your head every evening. Donnington Grove is a magical place to escape to - a Strawberry Hill Gothic mansion with more than a hint of Hogwarts. A friendly country house hotel in Newbury where you'll feel right at home, the moment you cross the doorway.