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Top 5 National Trust Properties in Berkshire

Published by: Lizzie Heather

Beautiful and history-rich, the Royal County of Berkshire is famed for its wealth of National Trust properties that beckon for exploration. From the sprawling verdure of country parks to the grandeur of regal estates, they offer something to all generations looking to walk through manicured landscapes and retrace the steps of time. Best of all? They’re free to all National Trust members.

Below are some of the top 5 National Trust properties in Berkshire to begin your journey of discovery.

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Crafting the perfect wedding day schedule

Published by: Brock Horning

The key to a stress-free wedding is planning. Putting together an hour-by-hour guide to your perfect day gets everyone on the same page and helps things run smoothly.

However, unless you’re a practised hand at running large events, planning your wedding day schedule and order of the day can be one of the biggest challenges. How long does each element of a wedding take? What order should they go in?

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The best vineyards in Berkshire to visit this summer

Published by: Brock Horning

It may be one of the smaller UK wine regions but Berkshire is home to a growing number of vineyards making exceptional wine. What better way to soak up the summer sun than ambling through the vineyards of Berkshire and sampling some of the county’s finest wines?

3 - LANDSCAPES - Donnington Grove Hotel 2022 - Hotel _ Grounds - Hotel _ Restaurant Photography By KW Creative - Kent Wynne Photography (C)

Top Reasons to Visit a Countryside Hotel

Published by: Laura Avery

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, in need of a break from the daily grind? If so, a countryside hotel escape may be just what you need. Imagine getting away from the noise and chaos of city life, immersing yourself in nature, and finding peace and relaxation in the great outdoors. Donnington Grove, an estate located in the picturesque countryside of Berkshire, England, offers the perfect escape for couples and families seeking a tranquil getaway.

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Rustic wedding favours

Published by: Belinda Dixon

We’re used to thinking we have to sort the big things out first when planning a wedding. But actually, you can do it the other way around. Instead of making big calls, such as deciding on a time of year or dress, you can zoom in and let the smaller details help you shape your big day. Which is where rustic wedding favours come in. These delightful, country-chic themed gifts for guests could be the key to unlocking the feel and themes of your special day.

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The best 2023 events to fill your Berkshire break

Published by: James Matthews

Between its magnificent countryside, historic sites and beautiful market towns, there are plenty of reasons to visit Berkshire any day of the year.

But if you want to make your visit even more special, it’s worth keeping an eye on the extensive calendar of events to take place in the county this year. From horse racing and dog shows to food festivals and family crafting, here are our picks for some of the best upcoming 2023 events in Berkshire.

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Berkshire Christmas Markets 2022

Published by: Laura Alario Avery

The mistletoe, mulled wine, and carols season is slowly swooning in around Donnington Grove and if there’s one thing that brings our estate joy in the winter, it is the Christmas markets transforming our countryside into a magical scenery.

Christmas markets are known for their beautiful, extravagant and family-friendly Christmas festivities and as we prepare to welcome holiday guests, we couldn’t help but map out the most enchanting and delicious Berkshire Christmas markets around us.  

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The best Autumnal walks in Berkshire

Published by: James Matthews

There’s no doubt that Berkshire is a walker’s paradise. With sprawling woodland, historic landmarks and breathtaking hilltop views, exploring on foot is one of the best ways to discover all that Berkshire has to offer.

When autumn rolls around, that best gets even better. With the crisp air on your cheeks and rich red and gold leaves as far as the eye can see, an autumnal walk in Berkshire is nothing short of magical. And the best bit? Wherever you want to explore, Berkshire means you’re spoiled for choice.


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What to wear to a Winter wedding

Published by: Belinda Dixon

Although we’re more used to choosing outfits for summer nuptials, it’s actually often easier to work out what to wear to a winter wedding. We’re expecting cooler weather so can plan for it properly. Rich colours work as well as pastels, layering means you can be both stylish and warm, the latest trends keep things interesting, while timeless classics can shine. So read on to get all the info you need to discover what to wear to a winter wedding – and to feel and look fabulous on the big day.

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Spotting Berkshire wildlife at Donnington Grove

Published by: Belinda Dixon

As well as a charming country house hotel, Donnington Grove encompasses a 500-acre estate. This mix of gardens, parkland, woods, river and lake offers endless opportunities to relax, reset and recharge. The estate is alive with wildlife – looking out for it turns a walk into a richly-rewarding adventure. So here are our top tips for spotting Berkshire wildlife at Donnington Grove.