Summer Strolls in Beautiful Berkshire

Berkshire is more than just the “Royal County”. Though we’re proud of its royal residence, Windsor Castle, Berkshire is also a place of immense beauty. This gorgeous county, with its blend of countryside and pretty towns, holds, for obvious reasons, a special place in our hearts. 

The beauty of Berkshire is something that truly needs to be seen to be believed. It's a treat for those who seek a rest from the hustle and bustle of city life, offering an escape into nature. There are plenty of walking trails and scenic routes across the county providing the perfect backdrop for a leisurely summer stroll or even a more challenging hike.

We uncover some of the best walks in Berkshire that are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also packed full of history and culture, promising an experience for walkers and nature lovers alike.

Walbury Hill

Our first stop to finding the best walks in Berkshire, leads us to Walbury Hill, Berkshire's highest natural point. Ascending the hill, the path unwinds through greenery and wildflowers, leading to a summit that offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. 

After a short 30 minute drive from Donnington Grove you can begin your walk atop Walbury Hill, where you can't help but feel a sense of awe at the vastness of the landscape that stretches out before you. This spot is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the serene beauty of Berkshire from above.


Donnington Castle

Next on our list is the historic Donnington Castle - a walk direct from our very own Donnington Grove, Donnington Castle combines natural beauty with bags of history. The castle ruins, set against the backdrop of hills and woodland, create a fairy tale scene. Walking through the grounds, you’re transported back in time, imagining the stories that these ancient stones have witnessed. The surrounding area offers a variety of walking paths, ranging from easy strolls to more challenging hikes, each giving a unique perspective of the castle and the Berkshire countryside. Donnington Castle is a perfect example of how the walks in Berkshire offer much more than just an afternoon out; they offer a jump through time. 

Plus, with it being right on our doorstep, it makes for one of your perfect summer walks in Berkshire during your stay with us. 


Speen Moors

As we venture further into the heart of Berkshire, we come across the Speen Moors, an area that fully takes on the beauty of the county's landscapes. This area of wetland, with its diverse flora and fauna, provides a sanctuary for wildlife and a peaceful  setting for walkers. 

Follow the circular 3km loop, using the footpath as your guide around the moors. This route is particularly family-friendly and has wheelchair and pram access so that the whole family can enjoy another one of the favourite walks in Berkshire during the trip. 

Again, this wonderful nature spot is just under 30 minutes walk (or a 7 minute drive) from Donnington Grove, so make the most of your visit to Berkshire by booking your stay and planning this walk into your visit. 


The Kennet & Avon Canal

The Kennet & Avon Canal, with its calm waters and peaceful surroundings, offers a different kind of walking experience in Berkshire. Following the towpath, you’ll be treated to a constantly changing landscape, from countryside to towns and villages. The sound of water flowing alongside, the sight of narrowboats gliding by, and the occasional wildlife sighting create a soothing day out that enhances the walking experience. The canal path is ideal for those looking for a leisurely walk, providing lots of opportunities to stop on a bench and soak in the beauty of Berkshire's natural and man-made environments as well as enjoying a couple of pit stops for refreshments along the way.

Staying at Donnington Grove for an event? You may notice some of our meeting rooms named after Kennet & Avon.

Snelsmore Common

Our final stop in exploring Berkshire is Snelsmore Common, a place only a 6 minute drive from Donnington Grove and the perfect place for wildlife spotters. The common's heathland and woodland are home to a variety of wildlife, including rare birds and butterflies. The walking trails here offer a chance to explore their habitat, with information boards along the way giving insights into the conservation efforts and the species that call the common home. Snelsmore Common is a reminder of the importance of preserving natural spaces and the role they play in our well-being. It’s a must visit if you plan on walking in Berkshire.


Benefits of Walking in Berkshire

Walking in Berkshire is not just a way to enjoy the scenery; it offers so many benefits for both the body and mind. Enjoying regular walks in Berkshire can improve physical health by improving cardiovascular fitness, strengthening muscles, and promoting weight loss (win-win!). But perhaps even more importantly, walking amongst the landscapes of Berkshire provides a mental health boost, helping to reduce stress, clear the mind, and improve mood. The act of walking, especially out in nature, encourages mindfulness and a connection to the present moment during your break away. In a world that often feels overwhelming, the walks in Berkshire offer a way to escape and Donnington Grove is the perfect base.


Book your stay at Donnington Grove 

To truly experience Berkshire's summer strolls, consider booking your stay at Donnington Grove. Our hotel, set in a stunning 18th-century mansion amidst beautiful gardens, offers the perfect base for your holiday walking adventures. 

Donnington Grove prides itself not only in comfortable and elegant accommodation but also easy access to many of Berkshire's walking trails and attractions. After a day of exploration, you can return to the hotel to relax and unwind, perhaps enjoying a meal or a drink in the bar. Booking your stay at Donnington Grove is the ultimate way to experience the best walks in Berkshire in style and comfort.

Our journey through Berkshire's best summer strolls has come to an end, but your own journey of the walks in Berkshire is still yours to discover. Whether you're seeking solitude, adventure, or a chance to connect a bit more with nature, you'll find it here. So, lace up your walking shoes and step out into the Berkshire countryside. And remember, to experience Berkshire at its best, book your stay at Donnington Grove. 


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