The Top Wedding Trends of 2022

Perhaps you delayed a wedding until 2022. Or perhaps 2022 was always going to be your year. Either way, the style and type of wedding you’ll have this year is influenced by everything from fashion and finances to viruses and environmental concerns.

So even if you’re only just beginning to think about getting married, it’s time to get ahead of the curve with Donnington Grove’s look at 2022 wedding trends.

Bride and groom dancing

Alfresco ceremonies

From alfresco meetings, to coffees with relatives on colder days - the last two years have seen us to do more things than usual outside. And while easing restrictions may no longer require us to head outdoors, the alfresco element seems to be here to stay.

Look for places with photogenic architecture, delightful natural features and easily-accessible, sizeable rooms just in case it rains. You’ll also want a team savvy enough to dream up fun alfresco features, such as gifts of cosy blankets matching your wedding theme, for guests to keep as mementos of the day. 

Wedding top table

Small scale occasions

More and more of us are feeling the appeal of smaller, intimate weddings. Fewer people mean you actually get time to talk to your guests. Things are less formal, more relaxed, more fun. Many also feel released from doing what’s “expected”. And more able to do things their way.

Again, getting the right venue is key. Do they have attractive, flexible function rooms that are truly yours for the day? Can you have exclusive use of enclosed sections of the gardens and grounds? Can you hire a group of lodges for your accommodation, creating an intimate event?

Wedding flowers

Big celebrations

Of course for some people, the response to almost two years’ of restrictions is to go big in 2022. They simply can’t wait to throw a really grand party. To gather all the loved ones they haven’t been able to see for years together. To feast, dance and really celebrate their love.

For weddings like these you need a venue big enough to accommodate such a big day. Stylish, historic suites of rooms, elegant marquees, grounds to wander in. A venue offering spa treatments, fly fishing, clay pigeon shooting, even a golf course gives your wedding a fabulous, memorable country house feel.

Place setting

Eco-friendly events

You’ve probably noticed it, or even done it - people wondering at an event if it was really necessary to use so many thing that would be thrown away. From wrapping presents in recyclable materials to ditching plastic drinking vessels for glass - eco-friendly weddings are an ever-growing trend. 

So to avoid people talking about waste at your big day it’s time to research eco wedding ideas - from invites to flowers and even the theme of ‘built-in decor’ - that is choosing venues where the architecture and grounds already create a romantic effect. Then pick a place that’s more than happy to meet your needs.

Wedding table

UK weddings

Another theme of 2022 is the return of the trend to get married in the UK. From the potential return of global travel restrictions, to unpredictable international relations and even climate events, it just doesn’t feel like the best time to have that big wedding abroad.

Which is why choosing a stunning British venue is very much in vogue. Classic architecture, scenic settings, stylish decor - historic country house hotels deliver in spades. And, as you don’t have the expense of flights to worry about, you can add a few more treats onto your dream wedding at home.


Choosing the right venue

Whichever trend resonates strongly with you, you need a venue that can more than meet your needs. Donnington Grove can deliver on all the questions and themes we’ve outlined in this post. With classic country house features, 500 acres of gorgeous grounds, stunning wedding photo spots, exquisite food, superb leisure facilities, flexible function rooms, and accommodation groupings, and a warmly welcoming, expert team, you’ve met your match at Donnington Grove.