What to wear to a Winter wedding

Although we’re more used to choosing outfits for summer nuptials, it’s actually often easier to work out what to wear to a winter wedding. We’re expecting cooler weather so can plan for it properly. Rich colours work as well as pastels, layering means you can be both stylish and warm, the latest trends keep things interesting, while timeless classics can shine. So read on to get all the info you need to discover what to wear to a winter wedding – and to feel and look fabulous on the big day.

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If you've planned your wedding for a cooler month, you've probably already thought about what to wear to a winter wedding.

Inevitably the venue, your personal preferences and the atmosphere you want to create play a huge part in influencing your outfit. But there are a few handy tips when considering what to wear for a winter wedding for brides.

Fitted jackets, shawls and faux-fur stoles lend extra warmth and look stunning, as do dresses with long stylish sleeves. A high neck and open back is another elegant combination. Thicker fabrics, such as velvet, really complement some designs, while adding lace adds another layer of interest, and of warmth. Some prefer tea-length dresses to keep the hem off potentially damp ground.

Colours are of course key. See Upcoming Trends, below, for an insight into predictions for 2023, which can be incorporated into your ideas when thinking of what to wear to a winter wedding.

Otherwise, classic rich winter wedding colours include navy and gold, burgundy and cinnamon, and red and gold. Others prefer classic muted combinations such as cream and copper, teal and peach and soft greys.

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As ever the style and tone of the wedding affects choices. But a groom asking the question: what to wear for a winter wedding, might actually influence the feel of your big day, rather than the other way around.

If a warm tweed suit appeals, might that help define your theme? A suit in a wool-cashmere blend not only keeps the groom warm, but also has a soft, luxurious feel that might echo in your furnishings, decor or favours. Other tips include adding a stylish waistcoat or coat and – depending on the level of formality – even gloves.

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Once you’ve worked out the event’s overall dress code, style, feel and colour schemes, guests can have a lot of fun investigating what to wear to a winter wedding.

You’ll have the same overall considerations as brides and grooms, above. And will also want to bear layering in mind - see below. So you might be considering thicker fabrics, longer sleeves, richer colours, waistcoats, fitted coats, throws or stoles.

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What to wear to a Winter wedding - upcoming trends

Checking out colour forecasts are a brilliant way to get a steer on upcoming trends. The key forecast is the Pantone Colour of the Year. For 2023 it’s digital lavender – a kind of rich, vibrant warm, purple and the perfect colour to go for if you're wondering what do wear for a winter wedding. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to choose an outfit in that colour. But it is useful to be aware that this colour will “feel” on-trend next year. There are also likely to be more outfits available in the shops, making it easier for your guests to ensure their outfit choices are in tune with your winter wedding colour schemes.

So it’s useful to consider the broader colour palette when deciding what to wear to a winter wedding – which colours are close to or complement your colour of choice. You might combine digital lavender with grey and off-white, or dark pink and lilac, or dark yellow and green.

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What to wear to a Winter wedding - timeless classics

Floor-length dresses, velvet fabric, vibrant colours and long sleeves are among the timeless classic to draw on when deciding what to wear to a winter wedding. Adding a statement coat, faux-fur stole or fitted jacket also fit a classic theme, as do paired-down lines, retro styles, crepe gowns, high necks and minimalist designs.

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What to wear to a Winter wedding - layering

When deciding what to wear to a winter wedding, layering is your new best friend. There are two types – layering you can see, and layering you can’t. You’d be surprised how many brides have worn leggings under a floor length ball gown or a camisole under their dress. Visible layering options include shawls, tailored jackets, and elegant gloves.


What to wear to a Winter wedding at Donnington Grove

At historic, friendly Donnington Grove, you’ll find a country house hotel that’s perfect for winter weddings. Our beautiful grounds and stylish spaces provide a romantic, comfortable venue with a magical feel.

The history-rich rooms of our 18th century manor house make beautiful backdrops for photos – full of warmth and style. Which means you just need to focus on choosing the ideal outfit for you and the event on the big day.